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Taken from the top of Liberty Memorial - Kansas City, MO.  Tonight was the last night of 2010 to go to the top of the National World War I Memorial at night.

Municipal and Corporate Energy and Climate Planning

  • Municipal climate action plan development and execution
  • Energy demand forecasting
  • Neighborhood resilience planning and implementation
  • Community energy system planning
  • Corporate sustainability planning, development and reporting
  • Fundraising and grantseeking support
  • Legal guidance and support

Market Analysis and Development

  • Clean energy and energy efficiency market analysis and development
  • Innovative financial tools for project development
  • Energy efficiency program design and evaluation
  • Research program design and development
  • Green building and LEED market analysis for commercial and residential buildings

Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement

  • Community and neighborhood resilience strategy development and engagement
  • Outreach tool development and implementation
  • Corporate training program development and execution
  • Climate change education and outreach
  • Meeting facilitation

Public Policy

  • Policy analysis
  • Legislative intelligence and policymaker engagement
  • Advocacy and stakeholder outreach
  • Coalition building
  • Subject matter expertise in climate change, clean energy, energy efficiency, and green building

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